Thursday, November 27, 2008

les amis du fromage

I stopped by one of my favorite shops today Les Amis du Fromage to put together a cheese platter for a potluck tonight. I could spend hours in there perusing the shelves since there is so much selection, however the thought of spending way over my budget and coming home with a giant cheese wheel deter me from lingering there too long. And what to serve with the cheeses?... well one of the best crackers ever - Raincoast Crisps! A little weird, I know, to be excited about crackers... but these are really really good!


kim* said...

i lo---------ve crackers and cheese!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Very pretty photo of some delicious looking cheese!

earmark said...

oh my weakspot has been hit... HARD!

Cheese plates are a staple in my life and therefore I understand the need for the perfect cracker/bread! :)

Love your blog, good luck at the Portobello market, hope it is awesome for you!

valerie said...

Thanks earmark! :)