Friday, September 30, 2011

calendar girl

I have been working on the new 2012 desk calendar, and thought I would show-and-tell some related news. My 2010 desk calendar was featured in the book Creative Calendar Collection by Basheer Graphic Books... the book just arrived on my door step a few weeks ago. Hooray for unexpected happy mail deliveries! It's arrival, though, reminded me that I have to hustle it up and finish up the new one for 2012... eek! Stay tuned for its reveal next week... I have revamped the format a bit, so it will be even better!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

treat bag

I have always wanted to get a laptop bag from my friend Sasha's Etsy shop Track and Field, but never had the laptop to put it in. Well, hooray for me... I finally got one (yes, the laptop AND the cute little bag too). I had to get the matryoshka patterned one... it makes me smile every time I open it... and the smile keeps going once I start typing and working on my new silver friend too! It's like a back-to-school gift for myself... uh, despite the fact of being out of school for some years now... heehee.

Monday, September 26, 2011

chocolate sweet, less the wheat

I am totally not a baker... love to cook, but still haven't really gotten into the baking. So when my sister's birthday dinner came up, and a wheat free desert option was a must, I volunteered to make the cake?! My memory of a store bought wheat free cake at a work function years ago left me with memories of a dry and inedible cake that everyone politely moved around their plates or smuggled into their napkins, so I figured I would spare my sis the same culinary torture. Anyhoo, rather than start from scratch (since, yes, it has already been established, I don't really bake), I thought I would try a store bought wheat-free cake mix.... and lo and behold, it was really good! And yes, please don't make fun of my amateur cake decor... that unfortunately, I had to do from scratch!

Monday, September 19, 2011

underwater adventure

So have you ever had one of those weeks where work deadlines seem to not just trickle in, but pour in all at the same time? Yes, that was my past three weeks, actually, hence the lack of blog updating... very bad, I know. But now things are a bit calmer, so I am back to posting again! Ok, enough blah, blah, blah about work.... some cute pics to share today of our recent trip to the Vancouver Aquarium. Jasper loooooooved it.... although I am pretty sure he would have been happy as a clam (sorry, I had to go there) sitting in front of just one tank for the whole time.