Tuesday, July 26, 2011

montreal and back

Hello!.. long time, no post, I know... very bad of me. Where have we been?... we just got back from a short trip to Montreal where we went to a lovely family wedding. A week leading up to the trip, I kept having nightmares of baby meltdowns on the plane and passengers giving us stink eye, but alas, all for naught... the 5 hour flights went surprisingly well. Amazing how an airline plastic cup and swizzle stick can provide hours of entertainment.... they even outshone the TV on the headrest!? Anyways, looking back at all our pictures... I realize there are very little of Montreal, and tons of wedding stuff and family events (which I don't really want to bore you with)... so please excuse my lack of travel photos!

Oh yes, I should mention... a fun giveaway this month is still happening! Will be posting it up this Thursday!


Meeling said...

Fun! Montreal is a great city...love it. Glad to hear that the flights went well...sometimes they can be a challenge with little ones...I remember getting the "stink eye" a few times on flight many years ago.

Almost Precious said...

Montreal will always be there but the family wedding is a one time event so you've got photos of what truly matters. Maybe the next trip to Montreal will let you take pictures of the city to your hearts content.
5 hours is a very long time to keep a tot preoccupied, glad little Jasper is such a good traveler and that the cabin pressure didn’t cause his ears any discomfort.

Holly said...

It looks like he behaved so well! That's wonderful. You got a good one. ;-)~

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Jasper looks so adorable in his plane seat, maybe a future pilot??? :) T.