Tuesday, December 13, 2011

far away snow day

There is no snow here in Vancouver yet, but I thought I would share a snow day photo we had a few weeks ago up in our friend's cabin, near 100 Mile House (about 500km north of Vancouver). This was Jasper's first time playing in snow... which consisted mostly of walking tentatively from point A to point B, and a few bum drops here and there.


Isobel said...

My niece and her family live a little further up the road aat 150 Mile House - so if there was snow where you were, doubtless she's up to her eyeballs in the white stuff too.

We're being forecast our version in the UK (It's getting increasingly frequent these days, alas - we left Alberta in 1987 to escape it!) in the next few days.

Happy Christmas to you all, though!

ij said...

cute picture! :)

my mini bag said...

Agree with the cute picture. Can't wait for SNOW!

following you from blogging buddies

Frannie said...

How sweet. It's always fun to see a little ones reaction
to their first snow. Cute picture.

Graceful Shops said...

Adorable. Wonder what he is thinking. Children are so very precious.