Thursday, November 1, 2012

whooooooo, me?

 I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Here are some snaps of Jasper's costume... he was a little grey owl. It started with a fleece track suit I got at Old Navy.... and some felt additions sewn here and there... and then voila!... a fluffy grey owl emmerged... not too shabby for a non-sewer (just, maybe, don't look too closely at the stitch work). The last pic is of our hallway of bats... which are soon to come down... sigh.


JessicaY said...

Adorable! Love the bats too!

- Jessica from Blogging Buddies

Unknown said...

he's adorable!

Almost Precious said...

He looks fantastic (and my how much he has grown!).
Also think his costume is perfect; warm, comfortable, nothing that will trip him in his quest for Halloween sweets and best of all no awkward mask that interferes with the child's vision and (let's face it) masks can be terribly uncomfortable.

Wow - this makes my 5th attempt at getting the captcha code - I think the Canadian capthca are much harder than the ones in the US. :D

2justByou said...

The costume is great! And the bats are fun. =0)
Hope Jasper had a fun Halloween.

Charis said...

Very cute indeed!

Shannon said...

Love the costume! And the bats!!!
We pinned bats to the roof of the portico two years ago!! so great!!!

Jan Halvarson said...

awesome costume idea Valerie! and love the bats!

2justByou said...

Hey Valerie!
I just saw that you're an Etsy Featured Seller, so I wanted to swing by and tell you CONGRATULATIONS!!! =0)