Monday, June 23, 2014

strawberry fields forever

Hooray, summer is officially here! We celebrated this past weekend with some late strawberry picking at Emma Lea Farms. I had my little helper Cedar with me, filling (and sometimes un-filling) the buckets. Now comes the task of deciding what to make with all our berries (although they are pretty darn good plain)… ideas?


Almost Precious said...

Goodness the little one has grown so much.
Love this time of year when the strawberries are in season, they are so tasty just plain but are divine in strawberry shortcake, vanilla ice cream and to die for in strawberry smoothies. :)

Mich(Pixe's Treasure Chest) said...

I love fresh picked strawberries! I went picking at the end of May, and they were the best! I have a recipe for strawberry coffee cake on my blog, feel free to take a peek! It's really, really tasty!