Monday, May 13, 2013

garden time

So it is that time of year again... time to rid the balcony of last year's sad and dead plant remnants and bring in the new! So the dilemma for this upcoming summer... what to plant that is going to be easy and ideally death proof. Baby is on the way (yes, only 2 weeks to go!) and I am pretty sure the garden is going to be slightly neglected at times... so I was in search of some easy plants. Result? A big box of succulents (which I have been told spread like wildfire and are hard to kill), some mint (not pictured, but I also hear, they are like weeds)... and some tomatoes (this one I hope will make it). I am hoping any update pics of these plants later in the coming months will still look green and not yellow or brown!

Friday, May 3, 2013

custom links

On occasion, I get requests for custom work. And with wedding season right around the corner, more people are wanting to get custom items for their special day. So a little show-and-tell today. Here are a pair of custom bamboo cufflinks with an adirondack chair design recently done for a wedding party. :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

etsy pop-up at west elm

Some exciting event news for the month of May. My little shop, along with 17 other Vancouver Etsy shops have been chosen (by Jan of Poppytalk) to be part of the Etsy Pop-Up shop at West Elm!

Join us on Saturday, May 25th from 1pm - 6pm at the West Elm store and West Elm Market (next door) in Vancouver. 

And for those of you wondering, “but aren't you due to have a baby around then?”... the answer is yes. So if you do happen to make it to the event, it will be my lovely sister who will be filling in for me that day. So no worries, no woman going into labour at the event. :)

For a full list of vendors and more show info, check out the Poppytalk post here as well as the West Elm blog post here.