Monday, February 27, 2012

lost in the snow

Fresh soft powder, snow capped trees, brisk winds, gondola rides, and one lost cell phone in the snow. Our trip to Whistler was packed full of fun (and phone fiasco). I was a bit rusty, since it has been three years since I have been on a snowboard, but it slowly started to come back (yes, that is me in the photo). Returned home to find out the next day that someone indeed found my phone. Hooray! Hope you had a good weekend as well. ;)

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

tiny buds

Could this be? Magnolia buds that I see on my street! Hooray! I am counting down the days to spring... each one of us in this house has had a cold at different intervals... (currently, it is the baby's turn)... sigh. I can't wait for t-shirt weather... I'll even settle for light jacket weather! ;)

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Monday, February 20, 2012

hot dog... a giveaway!

I love short dogs... ones with little stumpy legs especially... corgis, dachshunds, bull dogs... there is something so darn cute when you see one waddling down the street. So on a related doggy note, I just added a new wiener dog bookplate and bookmark design to my Tiny Cub shop. And yes, there is the option to have name personalization! Check them out here

Also to celebrate this new item, you can enter to win a set (your choice of bookmark or bookplate set)! Enter to win by posting a comment telling me your favourite dog breed and why... do you like poodles with weird haircuts? or maybe pugs and their smooshy faces? or maybe collies in case you fall down a well and need them to get you help? 

A random draw will be made at the end of the month on Wednesday (February 29th), so check back to see if you win. Please remember to include some sort of contact info (etsy shop, blog, website, or e.mail address) and please only one entry per person. Good luck!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

oh la la

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! I got a little surprise treat from my hubby... Roger made a yummy Gateau Basque (yes, that is a gooey jam filling you see). Just writing this post is making me hungry... hmmm... perhaps time for a another slice. :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

for the record

My toddler's new obsession these days is our record player... a day does not go by without Jasper pointing at it and then gesturing towards our records. Seeing as how my hubby's old punk, hardcore, and metal records are not super baby friendly, and now our vintage Smurfs record is banned from any airtime in our house (yes, it is as annoying as one would expect), some of our other childhood ones are on constant rotation. The current fave right now is the Barbapapa record, or as Jasper calls it “Ba-ba”. Who knew our wee one would be so vinyl obsessed.

Friday, February 10, 2012

around the world

I have always loved tracking things on maps... I even had an etsy map for awhile where I would put pins in wherever I would ship my etsy sales (see here). So taking that as inspiration, I created a series of map print and pin sets. Each print is 8.5 x 11" and comes with 10 little map pins... there is even a white titling box for individuals to customize their map. What could the map track?... perhaps places you have travelled... places you want to travel... family members around the world... or even your own etsy map. Check them out in my etsy shop here!

Monday, February 6, 2012

what a view

A bit of a "oooh" and "ahhh" pic to share with you today. This one taken from the chairlift at Cypress Mountain by my hubby Roger. I was very envious when he showed this to me, since I was home with little Jasper while daddy got to go boarding that day (can you tell I am itching to go!?). My envy will fade soon though since we will be heading up to Whistler sometime this month, hooray!.... oh I can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

burnt fresh

I am working on some new burning projects for this season, one of them being the woodburned cork board. I had burned similar ones a few years ago and then took a break from doing them, but now they are back! I still have a few more to finish and then it will be etsy photo shoot time... will post more pics soon!