Friday, November 12, 2010

coasting along

Craft production is underway full force over here... if you can see my workspace now, you would think a bomb went off in a craft supply store. It is dawning on me that the November days are going by very quickly, and that the two holiday shows I have signed up for are fast approaching, so I am getting a wee bit nervous. Since I am too embarrassed to take a picture of my mess of a table top, I zoomed in on one of the batches of cork coasters I just finished burning. Now to find energy to package them all...


Frannie said...

Oh, can you believe November is almost half over! It seems once October comes along....the rest of the year goes by fast.

Lovely coasters.

Have a great weekend.....packaging.
My best,

Almost Precious said...

Love cork ! The coasters look great and It is impossible to be creative and not make a mess. The bigger the mess the more creative one is. :)

Yes, November is speeding on by. Think having children somehow affects the Time Warp Continum, makes it go much faster ! Well sounds good on Sci Fi.

Almost Precious said...

Oops ... just found out that, like vacuum, continuum has a double u in it. I learn something everyday. LOL

T @ Poppy Place said...

Oh Valerie, I know the pain. I am prepping for a show this weekend and man is my space and office big messes :)

Oh well, have to let go of that, it is all in a good cause :)

Love the coasters BTW :)

Have a lovely weekend, T. :)

M.M.E. said...

I've prepped for my first big craft fair but haven't even started for the second. I'm getting scared. Do you ever worry you'll make too much product/buy too many supplies? I'm trying to balance that fear since this is my biggest craft fair to date.

Meeling said...

Lol on the "bomb" in the craft shop. Think as crafters we've all been there at some point!!

Love the cork coasters...very pretty and just love the texture of cork.

Happy Weekend!

Laura said...

Hope your shows go well! The coasters look lovely! I completely sympathize with the creative mess. I'm trying to sort mine out right now (and I'd so much rather be crafting!)

Sarah Knight said...

My studio / living room / office always looks like the after shot a craft store bonanza sale — I definitely know the feeling.

Best of luck with your craft fairs!

Anonymous said...

i've been thinking about how fast november has been going as well. it's kind of startling.

hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

xo Alison

readingsully2 said...

They are beautiful. Good luck with your shows.

Stephanie said...

Great work!

November is whipping by so fast I barely have time to catch a breath