Friday, October 19, 2012

little pieces

About one month to go until my first holiday show of the year (yes, it is in early November!), so I am in production mode now. I still am finding it a bit of a guessing game trying to figure out how much of each style to make for the accessories for each of the shows... will this ever get easier to predict?! Agh! Here is a sneak peek of the laser cut sheet (lots of brooches and earrings that you see there)... next step, assembly!


Meeling said...

Very cool to see it all laid out like that!

Almost Precious said...

Wow, I can see you're going to be pretty busy.
It is really hard to predict for shows. Sometimes the turn out is fantastic, other times - not so good. Also the public can be unpredictable, at times the crowd is full of spenders and at others it's jammed with Looky Lou's. :)
I hope all your shows will be ones jammed with folks eager to buy things and more than willing to open up their wallets. ;)

2justByou said...

It is a busy time of year! Good luck at your first show. You'll be pretty busy! I love those little birds. =0)