Tuesday, February 19, 2013

what a zoo

What did you see on your trip to the zoo, Jasper?” asked grandma. Jasper's response: “Giraffes... and a monkey with a purple bum.

On our latest trip to Portland, we ventured to the Oregon Zoo. So fun! Highlights for us included the lions, tigers, giraffes, orangutan (it was huuuuge!!!), sun bear and baby elephant... oh yes and of course the monkey with the purple bum (sorry for the lack of picture, you will just need to imagine). It was really cold that day, but I think we all enjoyed the animal adventures. :)


Sharon said...

So glad you got to see our new baby elephant. I have yet to get up to see her, but the Oregonian newspaper has had some great photos of her and mom.

2justByou said...

Monkey with a purple bum! I love it. Kids are so incredibly cute. =0) We haven't visited the zoo in quite awhile, so your post is making me think we need to make that trip.