Wednesday, February 19, 2014

squawk squawk squawk

There are some things that my son Jasper just loves, which I can't really get that in to… case in point - Angry Birds. He loves them… not sure what it is about them, perhaps their annoying squawks, or the idea of a slingshot, or maybe just the fact that you are supposed to throw them… he is just drawn to them. Well, step in my sister (aka. cool Auntie Carolyn) with these hand made Angry Birds, and I have to say, I like them a whole lot better now. These (as well as the Snoopy she made that I posted about a few weeks ago) just proves that craftiness is in our family blood.


2justByou said...

I have never understood the hype about Angry Birds either, but the kids sure do love them!

Debbi Huntington said...

they are so grandson would go nuts for them. I felt the same way about angry birds, then I downloaded the's a ball! lol

Almost Precious said...

Aw, the crochet Angry Birds are too cute.

I tried Angry Birds once but I'm just not that good with arcade type games.

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