Sunday, April 14, 2013

99 luftballoons

Ok, so I don't think there are actually 99 here? (I didn't have the patience to count), but nevertheless... it was a pretty fun sculpture that we saw on our trip to Science World. And how can you not think of that darn 80s song when you see this. Hmm.... now I have that darn song in my head, and it will probably replay all day.


Meeling said...

Very cool!

Shannon said...

I don't know that song!
pretty cool though!

We saw a helium balloon gone rouge drifting through the sky yesterday. it was mesmerizing

Handmade in Israel said...

Now I'm singing it too! Interesting sculpture.

Kelebek Nakliyat said...

I actually really like your blog Thanks for your congratulations on the labor.

Malachite said...

omg this is very cool!!!
I love itttt <3