Wednesday, April 17, 2013

a little swag

I am preparing for the upcoming Got Craft show... so production mode here is buzzing. Each show always has the coveted free swag bag for the first 50 people through the doors... and they are chock full of goodies from all the vendors at the show. They are so popular in fact, line ups are early... as in there is already a huuuuuuge line at 8am in the morning when all the vendors arrive to set up for the show (the show doesn't even start until 10!)

Anyhoo, what to make for this year's Cabin + Cub swag? Here is a sneak peek! Ta-da.... some little 1-inch laser cut bamboo pins. A nice little way to say “Hi”. Swing by the show and try to score one.


2justByou said...

I like these little pins! Very cute.

Kelley said...

I would love one of these pins!

Handmade in Israel said...

I love these! So cute. I hope these early arrivers also do some shopping too!