Thursday, April 4, 2013

coasting along, kind of

After having to return Jasper's xmas present - a wooden push scooter - since there was a factory recall on it (boo-hiss), we decided to go for a metal push bike this time around. Check him out on his first ride.... which is less gliding at the moment and more like little baby penguin steps. Woohoo!


Pamela Bates said...

You have to start penguin steps riding is good!

Almost Precious said...

Valerie, hope you've been feeling well not sure when your second little one is due.

Jasper has gotten to be quite the little man and as handsome as can be. Toys can be such a problem, trying to find ones that are well built and won't fall apart in 3 weeks or less . . . but most important toys that are safe !