Thursday, March 1, 2012

hot dog... a winner!

Apologies for the late post! Having little Jasper help me pick a random giveaway winner took longer than I thought. After some multiple attempts of grabbing fistfuls of names, he managed to finally just hand me one. Thanks again to everyone who entered!

The winner of the wiener dog bookmark/bookplate giveaway is: Maegan Morin.... Congrats! Here is her answer to what her have dog breed is: “My favorite kind of dog is Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog. I have had two in my life and they are a special kind of dog because they are so protective but both were the best friend I could ask for and I felt safe when they were around.”

Didn’t win this time around? No worries, there will be another giveaway around the corner, so keep checking back. :)


Almost Precious said...

Congratulations to the winner - Maegan Morin.

Hee hee - I think little man Jasper just wanted to have a handful of winners so his mommy could give out a lot of those wonderful prizes. :)

Okay now to try to decipher those (not one, but two) captcha smudges ...

The Girl with One Painted Nail said...

Hey, just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog! Feel free to check out mine, I'm fairly new to blogging :)