Monday, February 2, 2009

collage: boy and beaver

As you may know, the beaver is Canada's national animal. On first impression, it might not seem like a very cool animal... not like a tiger, bear or mythical dragon. But what other animal can make a giant house in a river, all the while sporting a big toothy smile! And once you take into consideration that the beaver stands for industry and perseverance, it actualy makes perfect sense as a national animal. The odd thing is though, I have grown up in Canada all my life and have yet to see one in the wild. My last "sighting" ended up actually being a muskrat.


Anna+Lila said...

I'm sure muskrats are cool too!

SleightGirl said...

I like beavers! And my mom lives in Oregon which is known as the Beaver State.

Tessa said...

Ooh - great collage! Love your blog. :)

NONtRENDY said...

That is quite interesting.
I've seen Beaver's here where I live in Connecticut.

Mich said...

When I was in Maine, I was able to see a beaver was really awesome, and huge!!

TMCPhoto said...

When I worked at Opus' warehouse/offices over by Renfrew
there was a beaver in the creek outside the window.

We used to watch him/her swim in the water and travel through the blackberry bushes out side of our office windows.

Sadly one day we found him/her floating dead in the water. We think the creek had been flooded with chemical waste and she/he got the brunt of it.

I've also seen a dam in Red Deer where I lived for wuite a few years.

cabin + cub said...

awww... so sad to hear abut the beaver TMC!

wow... it seems everyone has seen a beaver except me! lol!