Saturday, February 28, 2009

saigon pics 2

Some more pics from the Saigon portion of our trip... we love taking pictures of everyday things when we travel, since other people's ordinary is extraordinary to us.
An average utility pole in Saigon... they all looked like this. I would hate to be the utility person or electrician.
Merchants rolling racks of shoes down to the night market. They were rolling a bit too fast for me too browse though.
Assortment of tropical fruits at the Ben Thanh Market. I still haven't tried durian (the spiky one on the left)... it has a very very strong pungent odor, well more of a funk... but apparently it's supposed to be really tasty. It is banned in most all the hotels due to its funky nature.
A yummy gourmet Vietnamese sandwich (banh mi thit), soup, and coffee (not pictured)... all for $4.
Notre Dame Cathedral... yet another leftover from French colonial days.
A cute couple getting their wedding photos taken in front of the cathedral... and in true Vietnamese fashion, they are on a scooter!
More scooters!... people wear masks to protect themselves from pollution. A lot of women also wear masks, hats, long sleeves and gloves to protect themselves from the sun, since lighter skin is seen as more beautiful (I profess that I, in fact, did the opposite and tried to get a little tan). Will post more pics of other areas of our trip in a couple of days!


SleightGirl said...

That is so cool! I've never been to saigon. I've been to Japan, though, and everyone wears masks there too.

Aloquin said...

Wow, I went to the Fla keys when I was 16, and every one was zipping around on mopeds there, but I dont' think they are so prevalent anylonger.

Cathe Holden said...

I love this post!! What fantastic photos. Thanks so much for sharing them!!

TheClayMuse said...

Love the pics! Definately following your blog now!

Audrey said...

Really cool pictures!! I love travelling. We are hoping to do more once both boys have moved out!

Anna said...

The food looks lovely! And cheap.

elsiee said...

Just discovered your blog on ETSY forum thread - my daughter is at school in Vancouver! Come on over and visit "me" when you have a chance: