Saturday, February 14, 2009

vietnam on valentine's day

It's Valentine's Day here today in Vietnam and there are vendors up and down the narrow streets of Hoi An selling bunches of roses and chocolate. Given that I feel like I am melting every time I go outside, I'm thinking buying a box of chocolates on the roadside here isn't that good of an idea. Today we headed up to see the Marble Mountains... basically a series of pagodas and worship sights that have been literally carved into the mountain and its many marble caves. Why I thought it would be a nonchalant easy promenade, I'm not sure. At times we were scaling narrow slippery steps in the dark with our guide reassuring us that all was OK.... all I kept hearing in the back of my head was an ambulance siren. It was well worth it in the end, I'm glad we did it. As for Hoi An, it such a cute town... I have already broken down and got a pair of sandals made as well as a winter pea coat... Roger broke down as well and got two jackets made... now we just have to figure how to get it all into the suitcases. I think we have to leave here soon before we buy too many things! Will update again soon when we're off to Nha Trang!

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