Tuesday, February 10, 2009

vietnam continues

Yesterday we said goodbye to Saigon and left to venture to Hoi An. What a huge difference -- from urban sprawl and bustling city life to scenic views of the countryside. We are on the top floor of our small hotel, with an excellent view of an expanse of rice fields.... its beautiful! Roger woke up to a distant ringing of a gong travelling accross the fields. Walking around the old town last night, there are rows and rows of shops lit up with beautiful Vietnamese lanterns as well as rows of tailor shops ready to make anything from suits, to shoes to backpacks... all customized to fit. I am looking at my suitcase and thinking... I should have really brought a larger one. I wouldn't be surprised if many of these shops can make luggage as well, so perhaps my problem is solved. Ok.. off to trek to the old town and discover the sights. Will update again soon!!!

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myminimocs said...

it sounds like a wonderful adventure! thank you for you post trip i enjoy reading bout it!