Friday, December 12, 2008

collage: scaredy cat

Last weekend, one of my friend's cats hissed at me. It wasn't a full-on arched back hiss, only a mini-hiss in passing. Perhaps it sensed that I am allergic to cats and already knew that I wouldn't be able to pet it, in which case I will interpret its greeting as a scoff and not a hiss. I named this collage scaredy cat - not sure which one is the scaredy cat though - the actual cat or the girl.


beadworkbyamanda said...

Awesome piece! I totally relate. My boyfriend's sister has a cat who isn't so fond of people and loves to hiss.

TheresaJ said...

LOL -- some cats are just like that!

r said...

I'm sure she was just trying to say hello, and it came out wrong!