Saturday, December 20, 2008

festival of light

Weirdly enough, I think I am more prepared this holiday season than previous years. Even though I haven't finished getting all the gifts, panic hasn't struck me yet. This past week, we even had time to head down to Van Dusen Botanical Garden to check out the Festival of Lights. The picture doesn't do it justice, but imagine one of those crazily decorated Christmas houses on your street but multiplied by 100x in size. I love the new LED lights, but I noticed they mixed them in with the regular lights this year... perhaps the trippy effect of too many of them together last year caused too many people to stumble in the flower bushes. You can check out the Dancing Lights show here, but be forewarned the rock-ballad Yanni-esque Christmas music is a tad scary.


Patricia Hecker said...

Love the LEDs......great shot.....memories made!


Paper Girl Productions said...

ooo love this!

Anna said...

Totally cool!

mary jane said...

it must be so pretty in person because it looks amazing in your pic!!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Ooo, this is so neat! I love Christmas lights! We just took our annual drive down what is known here in Portland as Peacock Lane. The street is actually named that and all the folks that live on each side of it light their houses and yards. It's been happening since 1929. There used to be a handful of these here when I was a kid (in the 70s) but only Peacock Lane is left burning merry and bright!

If you'd like a peek visit this link:

valerie said...

Hi Pfeiffer Photos

Thanks for the link to Peacock Lane! It looks fantastic.
Looooove Portland.. such a cute city!