Sunday, December 28, 2008

snow days

Over the holidays we received over 2 feet of snow, making it a very white Christmas indeed! In some ways, Vancouver pretty much ceases to function once the white stuff hits the ground - traffic is a mess, local transit is always running late, parking is impossible and flights get cancelled left and right. Despite all the chaos, I actually like going out for walks when there is a lot of snow and hearing the crunching beneath my boots. Since all the smaller roads around our neighborhood are still buried (and people avoid driving on them) it actually makes for quite a peaceful and relaxing walk. I guess the secret to enjoying a snow day is to get out of your car.


SleightGirl said...

I love the snow! We rarely get any here in Las Vegas, but this year we did and I loved every minute of it.

BorneoDiva said...

i wish its snowy here on my country :)
looks fun!