Saturday, December 27, 2008

my shiny new bike

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! I am so excited by one of my gifts from Santa this year (aka my husband Roger), I had to share. Under the tree this year (well, more like beside it) was a brand new orange Raleigh Chopper bicycle. It is a reproduction of the classic British design from the 1970s and its styling is based on the look of a chopper motorcycle. I was so sad a couple of years ago when my old BMX got stolen... but this new bicycle has got me really excited about biking again. This is the first time I am actualy wishing all this snow in Vancouver would melt away... I want to ride my bike so bad!


equivoque said...

i had a bike so like that during my youth in the seventies!

greetings by way of etsy.

Expressions By Devin said...

Awesome bike.I love bike riding its so much fun!!!

Michelle Brunner said...

wow! Very cool bike! I hope you get to ride it soon!