Monday, December 8, 2008

santa claus parade

Yesterday was the Rogers Santa Claus parade in Vancouver, where we volunteered to hand out promotional stickers for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast show at the Arts Club Theatre Company. Basically it was a mad sprint beside the Beauty and the Beast float handing out stickers to little kids along the sides of the street. It always looks like parades move slow on TV, but we were literally running and trying to avoid the onslaught of cart-wheeling gymnasts gaining ground behind us the whole time. Here are some behind the scene pics of the floats and paraders in waiting (unfortunately my camera died before I could take a pic of the float we ran beside). Usually I find mascots a bit creepy, but had to post this one since it looked funny... doesn't it look like a naked hedgehog wearing an apron? 


Stacey said...

a festive day!!

everything ok! said...

that hedgehog kind of creeps me out.

uniquecommodities said...

Looks like loads of fun!